Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

I've been away for a while but I've been reading a long book so it took me a few weeks. I recently finished Voyager (Outlander) by Diana Gabaldon. I loved the first book, Outlander, but was not a huge fan of the second, Dragonfly in Amber, so I'd put off reading this. This was my not as good as the first but definitely better than the second. Briefly, the Outlander series is a historical romance story about a modern woman who goes back in time and falls in love with a Highland Scotsman. The stories chronicle their adventures. This book ended up taking them out to sea and dealing with pirates and Caribbean slaves during the course of trying to rescue a kidnapped relative. I really do love Gabaldon's writing and enjoyed this book but I'm used to reading a lot of different books and I found myself getting antsy from reading the same book for so long. Consequently, I'm going to be reading some books now that are a bit faster paced. (But I do recommend this book if you like the genre) :) I am currently reading City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare. I'm about 2/3 through and am enjoying the return to the original characters.