Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dreams Gone Mad With HopeDreams Gone Mad With Hope by S.A. Griffin

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I was worrying a backhanded scab, flicking between new stories. Pick me. Pick me. The stories called out to me but the words didn't reach. I choose these words instead.
Okay. Poor attempt at a poetic review for this book.
Read this man's words. Drink in and absorb his ideas. If you can't find this book, find another. Just read him. I was born in California and have visited a few times. I don't really like what I've been exposed to but I would go back if only to coordinate it with seeing S.A. Griffin read some of his work. And it is good S.A. does a lot of spoken word engagements as most of his poetry really needs to be read by people who walk around with their eyes closed.
"Unfuck yourself" and read some of this man's genius.

Thank you for the book, sir.

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