Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review: Why Bernie Sanders Matters

Why Bernie Sanders Matters Why Bernie Sanders Matters by Harry Jaffe
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I've been having a hard time deciding who I want to support between Clinton and Sanders. I've liked Sanders's no-nonsense way of thinking and speaking but I'm also under the impression that even though his ideas are the ideal, he would have a hard time getting anything accomplished because the rest of the government would not work with him. Clinton is more predictable, she seems more likely to be able to compromise and get the job done, and she seems more electable (until the primary in New Hampshire, that is). I was hoping this book would provide some insight that would help me make a decision between the two. It goes into Sanders's early days in politics and explains where he came from and the root of some of his ideas. It talks about his other offices and what he accomplished and, to an extent, how he got the job done. Unfortunately Sanders did not consent to an interview with the author so there is much that would have been helpful to learn that is not included in this book. After finishing this book, I find I am still undecided but still remain convinced that Sanders is very logical and I would love to see his ideas in action. I also still believe that if he were elected, very few people would work with him to get his ideas off the ground. Where Al Gore wrote An Inconvenient Truth after his run for office, perhaps Sanders will write a tome titled An Unfortunate Truth.

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