Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spinster by Kate Bolick

Spinster: Making a Life of One's OwnSpinster: Making a Life of One's Own by Kate Bolick

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I must not have been paying very close attention when I first grabbed this book, as I thought it was a novel. I am very glad I got a copy of it though. This book really spoke to me. I've never really known if I wanted to get married or not. The idea always seemed very romantic and lovely but when you are actually in a relationship with someone, the reality of wants and needs is a stark contrast to the ideal. I've always been such an introvert and value my alone time to such a degree that I'm pretty sure that I won't ever meet anyone that I enjoy spending the majority of my time with more than being alone. This is something that most people, and society in general, don't understand could possibly be desirable for a woman. This book is a ray of hope that it might someday be not so strange and a reminder that many women have been quite happy on their own for many, many years. Women do not need to "consider the love of a man the most supreme of all social validations" and society doesn't need to believe that she should.

Spin on, sister!

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